General Information

Communication Module with Cellular/Ethernet Connection.
  • Internet connection for one or more ComAp controllers, either by Ethernet cable or by built in 3.75G Cellular modem.
  • Wireless high speed GPRS/UMTS modem built in.
  • Supports all cellular packet data systems from GPRS to HSPA (2.5G to 3.75G).
  • Full Multiband support – modem works globally.
  • Ethernet wired connection for local LAN connection.
  • Single module can be used for multiple controllers on the same site (connected via CAN or RS485).
  • MODBUS/TCP, SNMP protocol support – direct connection to building management and other systems.
  • Includes ComAp AirGate technology – easy plug-and-play connection anywhere (no fixed IP needed).
  • Designed for WebSupervisor – fully supported by ComAp’s cloud-based remote monitoring system.
  • Global positioning system built in* – keep track of your equipment.
  • Durable metal housing with DIN rail mount.
  • SIM card holder access without disassembly.
  • SMA connectors for external GPS and GSM antenna.
  • Wide range 8–36 VDC supply voltage.
  • Works with ComAp monitoring software in either direct connection or via AirGate technology.


.Fully supported controllers.

  • Controllers based on InteliGen NT and InteliSys NT platform.


Partially supported controllers.

  • Controllers based on platforms InteliLite NT, InteliCompact NT, InteliDrive Lite, InteliDrive Mobile, InteliDrive DCU.
  • Support of the above listed platforms is limited to Direct or AirGate connection from ComAp monitoring and configuration tools and sending active e-mails.
Not supported controllers.
  • Controllers based on plaforms InteliSys CU and InteliGen CU, all other legacy controllers.


Note: Support for a specific controller branch is also depending on the version of the controller firmware.