InteliDrive BaseBox

General Information

Controller for industrial gas applications
Order code: ID1COMBBBAB
  • The InteliDrive BaseBox is flexible controller mainly for Gas compression market
  • Preconfigured functions for compression applications
  • Provides control, monitoring and protection gas/diesel engine and application side as well
  • Large built-in PLC to suit individual needs
  • Lock&hide with PLC functionality by 3 level password
  • UL Class1 Division 2 certification
  • Built-in Ethernet, RS485, 2x CAN communications
  • Availability of Air-Fuel Ratio for gas engines (ISAFC-PCM Dongle)
  • Predefined protections
  • 16 BIN, 16 BOUT, 4 AIN, 2 AOUT on board (Speed governor configurable as LAI)
  • Load sharing functions
  • Virtual shared inputs / outputs via CAN
  • Cloud-based monitoring via ComAp WebSupervisor
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