General Information

PC Monitoring Tool for Inteli Controllers.
InteliMonitor is Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 software which provides following main functions:
  • Online monitoring of a controller or site.
  • Fully customizable SCADA diagram.
  • Browsing of all measured and computed values.
  • Browsing of controller history records.
  • Adjusting setpoints.
  • Receiving active calls.
  • PLC Monitor, great PLC monitoring tool is a part of InteliMonitor.

InteliMonitor supports following controllers:

  • InteliLite NT.
  • InteliCompact NT.
  • MainsCompact NT.
  • InteliGen NT.
  • InteliSys NT.
  • InteliMains NT.
  • InteliGen Classic.
  • InteliSys Classic.
  • InteliPro.
  • InteliDrive DCU.
  • InteliDrive Mobile.

InteliMonitor can be connected to the controller or site:

  • directly using a serial cable.
  • remotely via modems.
  • remotely via Internet (ethernet).
  • remotely via AirGate.
  • offline (browsing previously saved data).


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