AC Generators


TYPES: G2R 160 / 200 / 250 / 315 and 400
STANDARD: IEC 60034-1, VDE 0530, BS4999-5000
  • Casing in steel and shield covers in cast iron.
  • Shaft in high tensile steel.
  • Very sturdy rotor to withstand the runaway speed of engines and with a damper cage which allows good running with single phase, distorting loads.
  • Life-lubricated bearings. 
  • Brushless exciter easy to be disassembled.
  • Forms B3 / B14 and B2. All standard SAE.
  • Ventilation: Axial with air inlet from the opposite drive end.
  • Sense of Rotation: Both directions.
  • Enclosure: IP 23 standard (on request, higher protections).
  • Insulation is obtained with H class materials.
  • Impregnation: VPI.
  • Enamel cooper wire: 200ºC.
  • Voltage is adjusted by means of an electronic regulator, fed by special winding, isolated from the main one, which proteets the regulator from overvoltage from outside.
  • 2/3 pitch windings: avoids excessive neutral currents and ensures low waveform distortion.
  • Voltage Accuracy: From no load to full, cos 0,8: at constant revolving speed is ± 0,5%.
  • Capacity of starting the synchronous motors: 1 HP for each kVA of the alternator.
  • Transient Voltage Dip: Below 18% when applying the full load at cos 0.8.
  • Single - Phase Running: Power equal to 0.65 times the three phase power stated on the name-plate.
  • Frequency: 50 ó 60 HZ.
  • Voltages: Standard Alternators are equipped with a main winding with 12 terminals, star with neutral connection. Special voltages available on request.
  • Manual Voltage Adjustment: ± 5% of the nominal value. It is possible to use an external reostat for remote control adjustment.
  • Waveform: The waveform of the line voltage at no load and applying a balanced linear three phase load is sinusolidal with a harmonic residual less than 4%. Lower values can be obtained on request.
  • Radio Interferences: Normally of G degree according to VDE 0875 standard, N and K degree available on request.
  • Telephone Interferences: THF better than 2% (BS 4999). TIF better than 50 (ASA C 50. 12).
  • Permanent Short Circuit Current: More than 3 times the nominal current.
  • Parallel Device: G2R 280 MA/4 and above are provided with a reactive load distribution device which has to be activated in case of operation in parallel, or with other alternators. Below on request.
  • Ratings: They refer to the following conditions: ambient temperature not higher than 40 deg. C, altitude not over 1,000 metre a.s.l. continuous duty cos 0.8.


OPERATING IN PARTICULAR EVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS: Altitude higher than 1,000 metre a.s.l., it is necessary a derating of 4% each 500 metre of increase. lf the ambient temperature exceed 40 deg. C, it is necessary a derating of 4% each 5 deg. C of increase. 
Overloads: 10% for one hour every 6 hours. Short overloads may even be very high (2.5 times the rated current).
ACCESSORIES AND SPECIAL FEATURES: Control panel, air filter, EMI filter, SAE adaptor, special voltages. Other special features are available on request.