DC Motors


The "Special" IEC Standard.
The A.C. generator operated by diesel motors of high vibrations and D.C. traction motor are the electrical machines with the highest exigency in their service.
The equipment and experience developed by CRAMACO®, in addition to the high technology, are now applied to C.A. Three-phase Motors - Type Cage Induction to manufacture the high confiabilitySpecial IEC Standard.
Main characteristics.
  • Insulation system are class H.
  • Vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI).
  • Enamel cooper wire 200 centigrade.
  • Tying heads of double coils with Resiglass Tape (high resistance to traction).
  • Grease bouls.
  • 3 x PTC in coils.
  • Epoxy paint of high endurance.
  • Tests in full charge.
  • Sizes standard IEC 280/315/355/400.
Designs: from german leader companies:

Voltage and Frequency: designs optimized for 380/660 Volt. - 50 Hz. Other tensions and frequencies can be obtain on request.

Constructive form: according to DIN 42 960.

Enclosure: IP 55 / Others on request.

Refrigeration: superficial with external fan of cast aluminum.

Casing and Covers: cast, sturdy, highly shocks resistance.

Bearings: oversized - SKF trade mark.

Cages: in injected aluminum or cooper and welded alloys on request.

Magnetic sheets: silicon steel of low losses isolated in both sides.

Axis: special steel of high resistance with certificate of quality.

Terminals: widely dimensioned. Easy access. Strong. Safe.