Starting Systems


Diesel engines in most applications and industries use the standard type electric starter motor as their method of primary starting. However if environmental, application or Black-start conditions (emergency condition when all primary and auxiliary electrical or alternative power has failed) dictate that electrical power is unsuitable or needs a backup solution, the alternatives of Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Gas or Spring powered starting supplied by IPU Starting is required.
An IPU black-start system requires no external power, being completely self-contained with the ability to start a vast range of diesel engines used in all environments, applications and emergency situations.
Air Starter Systems: an air turbine powers the air starter and the required air to drive the turbine is either contained in a dedicated pressure vessel or utilizes the client’s compressed air supply. The air starter is fitted to the air supply and via the correct system, the energy contained in the compressed air is transferred to the engine through the turbine and starts the engine.
Air starters and systems are available for a wide range of engines and applications. They are used in hazardous and non-hazardous areas and can be used in black-start applications but they require the addition of a dedicated air supply that in turn would require a hydraulic black-start system. IPU air starters and systems are suitable for ATEX, oil & gas and mining applications.
Hydraulic Starter System: a hydraulic power starter motor replaces the traditional electric motor and is powered by a hydraulic fluid. The “energy” is generated by the use of gas loaded accumulators that store hydraulic fluid against compressed nitrogen gas. The fluid is released into the hydraulic circuit via a control valve to the hydraulic starter motor to start the engine.
Because a Hydraulic start system is always fitted with a hand-operated hydraulic pump for ultimate back up they are first choice for black-start applications. Hydraulic systems are used on larger engines and applications that require longer cranking duration because the duration can be lengthened with the addition of more gas-loaded accumulators.
Hydraulic systems are ideally suited to hazardous areas where Zoned or ATEX-approval is a requirement. IPU’s hydraulic systems are compatible to an extensive range of engines and are suitable to all hazardous requirements.
Nitrogen Starter System: a gas system is basically the same as the air system but the energy source is via high pressure nitrogen gas stored in high pressure vessels. The high pressure gas is fed into the air starter via a pressure regulator that reduces the high pressure nitrogen to the correct pressure required at the air starter. The advantage of a gas system over a standard air system is the energy storage required is dedicated to the air start system and the duration of starting can be increased with the addition of pressure vessels. The disadvantage is there is a finite limit to the air gas supply and the vessels will need replacing when they are exhausted.
Gas starting systems can be used in most areas but need a good supply of high pressure nitrogen vessels. They provide very good cranking power and duration and are available for hazardous and non hazardous areas. As with air starting, ATEX is available on all products.

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