Air Starting Systems

General Information

IPU Starting provide complete air starting systems including air starters, compressors, air receivers, control panels and, if necessary, IPU will install and commission the system on site, including pipe work.
IPU Starting specialise in the design and manufacture of both standard and custom made air starting compressor and receiver packages, which incorporate compressors and air receivers sized to provide the correct cranking time required to start the engine.
By storing compressed air at 30 or 40 bar, and then reducing the pressure to 10 bar or less at the starter motor, the size of the air receiver is reduced. This is especially important in marine and containerised gen-set applications where space is always at a premium.
If you are looking for technical information, please download our brochure which provides:
  • How air starting works.
  • Typical air starting applications.
  • Product performance curves.
  • Product selection reference guide.
  • Product installation.