InteliMains 210

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Mains Supervision Controller
Order code: IM3210XXBAA


InteliMains power in a "compact" package

  • Synchronising - for multiple up to 31 gen-sets operating in parallel to mains
  • PLC - Utilise our unique, and easy to use PLC drag-and-drop blocks for configuration.
  • New design - Flexibility to change the application e.g. MCB & MGCB.
  • Plug-in modules - Customize your controller with our plug-in extension and communication modules.
  • 4G/LTE - Connect to your gen-set via 4G/LTE for alerts or use ComAp's WebSupervisor.
  • GPS - Always know the location of your gen-set using geofencing for theft or movement alerts.
  • InteliConfigOur new configuration and monitoring PC tool will offer you multi gen-set control and monitoring as well as easy set-up.
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