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HT-AKS-100 – Anti Knocking System

Huegli Tech

HT-AKS-100 – Anti Knocking System

HT-AKS-100 – Anti Knocking System

Información general

he HT-AKS-100, an intelligent, digital anti knocking control unit, has a powerful DSP sound processor beeing capable picking the slightest ping of engine knock.
A smart sound filter enables to hear slightest noise from the knocking sensors.


  • Enhanced DSP Processor
  • USB PnP communication interface for configuration and system monitoring
  • IP67
  • CAN communications interface for control by third party ECU


  • Support Inline and V engine
  • Pick Up or Binary signal for timing
  • Supports for up to 20 cylinders
  • Robust against vibration


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