Service area, Manufacture, Representation and Sales


* Battery charger.
* Electrical board design and manufacture, generation and distribution.
* Gen-sets automation.
* System of monitoring and security.
Our products are developed to cover our area demand and for export.


* Development of electrical engineering projects.
* Electrical work assembly and facilities.
* Development energy automatism.
* Electrical board: construction and assembly.
* Electrical and electronic equipment repair and maintenance.
* Vessels and industrial automatism.
* Kamewa Rolls Royce electrical and electronic post-sales services.
* GAC, ComAp and Horner official sales and service.

Civil and industrial Power

- Buildings: Residencial buildings and offices
- Factories
- Hospitals
- Public buildings
- Port terminals
- Shipards
- Electrical plants Naval area
- Passanger vessels
- Fishing ships
- Factory ships
- Yatching
- Sports vessels

Sales and Representations
We represent the following companies: Governors America Corp (GAC) (USA), ComAp (Czech Republic), and Horner (USA).