Servintel comprises a wide-ranging services in the field, executing special projects for each client, company or entity. 

Our presence into the market, back up our experience and our reliability. 

The activity performed by Servintel encompasses a broad range, which arise since the development of electrical engineering projects, assembly and installation of electrical work, development of automatic generators; design, construction and installation of electric boards, up, official service known brands such as ComAp and GAC among others.

Engeneering & Development

In our engineering department we develop projects of electrical engineering, automation for power generation, automation for engines with multiple applications, conversion of Bi -Fuel engines, control and monitoring systems for industrial and marine applications.

Manufacturing & Installation

We have a manufacturing area in which we develop customized projects such as electrical panels, generation, distribution, automatization of generators groups, monitoring systems. In addition, we manufacture control systems and marine monitoring.

Start Up

Our engineers have the ability, expertise, experience and tools to carry out the commissioning and service the market demands. We possess the technology to achieve full satisfaction of our customers.