Governors America Corp. is a leading provider of innovative engine control products to a worldwide list of customers. Our dedication and focus on our world market has resulted in a vertically integrated company with complete design, development, production, and marketing capabilities for its family of electromechanical and electronic devices for precise engine control and system integration. These market focused efforts have resulted in innovative engine control products that are being used in all parts of the world. GAC product solutions can be found in every imaginable application and in the harshest environments. Some typical applications are generator sets, material handling, marine propulsion, mining, locomotive and off-highway applications.

GAC has developed a broad, technically advanced line of electronic governing and fuel control systems, complete with accessories. Engine control systems range in cost and complexity from single speed isochronous governors to sophisticated multi-engine load sharing /power control systems, full authority drive-by-wire systems, locomotive diesel electric controls, full engine generator military control systems and a great variety of complementing governing and control system accessories.

To maintain our leadership position in the engine control field, GAC has incorporated advanced technologies into its latest product developments. These technologies range from enhanced analog controls to advanced 32 bit microprocessor controlled systems. While all of GAC’s technologies provide the best value available in the marketplace, with our analog controls targeting the simpler cost sensitive application and our digital controls targeting the more complex applications. GAC offers digital controls, which not only incorporate most of the features of our analog controls, but also comprehensive digital engine requirements. Features like user defined torque, boost, and starting maps with CAN bus link for our digital engine controllers and full system metering, protection, start/stop control. GAC also offers system integration solutions for the many markets we serve, for example our GNS family of generator set controllers. The GNS family of controllers integrates all aspects of the genset from start/stop control to full system metering, protection and communication for both stand alone and paralleled systems. GAC also designs and manufactures custom electromechanical integral actuators. These high-performance linear, rotary, and throttle body actuators are designed to optimally control a specific engine’s fuel system. Some units include GAC’s own high accuracy position sensing system.

GAC compliments its innovative designs with a vertically integrated state of the art manufacturing facility. GAC manufacturing combines the latest in technology, equipment and computer systems with an experienced workforce to produce products that exceed our customers’ demands for high quality and on time deliveries.

GAC is committed to manufacturing in the USA and is currently producing 95% of our products in both the electronic and mechanical product families with this philosophy. The ability to manufacture GAC’s products internally allows for stringent quality monitoring and faster response times to our customer’s requirements.

GAC manufacturing is driven by a comprehensive “MRP” system that allows for the full integration of new products, forecasted sales, manufacturing capacity, job/product tracking, electronic procurement and bar coding with customer service, quality, accounting and sales. This total system allows for the efficient and comprehensive method of operation that maintains GAC in the forefront of providing the customer with what they need, when they need it, at a competitive price.

The latest in electronic surface mount and through hole manufacturing methods and equipment combine for an efficient and high quality operation. GAC has implemented a process that allows for maximum flexibility in producing products in either high or low volume to satisfy the customer’s ever-changing requirements. The mechanical assembly process has the latest in automatic and semi-automatic production methods and tools that are augmented by GAC’s full array of in-house CNC equipment that insures high standards of quality and “just in time” manufacturing methods. Behind all of this are GAC’s employees and our commitment to quality. These dedicated individuals are committed to continuous improvements in their areas of discipline. These areas of discipline are engineering, marketing, customer service, production, and quality assurance. Quality at GAC starts at the very beginning, with the design of our products.

All of our designs start with the premise that we must provide our customers with the highest quality product providing the best value available in the world. To do this we design our product to the latest World standards, including ISO 9001: 2008, compliant with EMC standards, UL recognition, CSA approval, NFPA compliance, CE approval, and Marine Agency classification. GAC has its own EMC lab to insure our product performance, but always uses an independent test laboratory for third party certification. The quality systems of this facility have been Certified by UL DQS Inc. to the ISO 9001: 2008 Standard