Inline Wear Debris Sensors

Inline Wear Debris Sensors



Poseidon Systems’ Trident™ Wear Debris Monitor is a real-time, in-line fluid sensing technology for the detection of metallic wear debris and particulates in a lubrication system. Inline wear debris monitoring is the earliest method for reliable detection of mechanical failures in fluid lubricated equipment. By continuously monitoring wear debris generation, the device alerts users to faults in their earliest stages, allowing for lower-cost corrective actions than conventional schedule based maintenance [reference Machinery Lubrication July – August 2016].


Overview – what’s the difference?

The Trident™ Wear Debris Monitor will detect, categorize (ferrous vs. non-ferrous), and size metals within a machinery lubrication system. The monitor will detect and measure particles with an estimated spherical diameter of 40 micron ferrous and 150 micron non-ferrous and larger. This is the most widest range of detection of any wear debris sensor available. 

The DM4500 is also backward compatible with the TechAlert 10 (TA10) Debris Monitor.


advanced reliability tools

Poseidon Systems has been using the Trident™ Wear Debris Monitor as a life extension measurement tool. By utilizing Poseidon System’s unique approach to wear debris data, the only of its kind, customer can directly measure the impact their action asset life. In this example, Poseidon Systems’ DM4500 was used to measure the rate of fault progression and total fault progression. Based on Poseidon Systems’ past experience with derating, a new derate setting was established to stabilize the fault so the O&M team could optimize replacement uptower.

The operator took this derate recommendation and immediately the sensor was able to determine the fault had significantly slowed its failure rate, with only a 10% total production loss. Many of Poseidon Systems’ customers have used these techniques to extend the life of assets multiple years, waiting for optimistic replacement opportunities, and adjusting based on the feedback from the sensor.

You cannot undue damage in a gearbox, you can only prevent it. Wear debris is the earliest point in time when a gearbox fault can be detected. Poseidon Systems’ offers the most advanced and cost effective system available. OEM’s and operators can start eliminating portions of the expected 40% increase in O&M investment today; through Poseidon Systems’ gearbox monitoring system with a certain >1,000% ROI.

Wear Debris Monitor - Trident DM4500

Wear Debris Monitor - Trident DM4600