Air Starter Motors


Jetstream Air Starter Motors are a ‘fit and forget’ starting solution for diesel engines up to 80 litres in size. Available as either pre-engaged or inertia designs, they are capable of operating at air pressures varying from 3 to 30 bar allowing you to use your existing air supply or save space and cost by reducing the need for reduction valves or large air tanks.
Jetstream air starters are lightweight, powerful and compact and are manufactured from high grade aluminium, electroplated alloy steels and tough cast iron. Their high resistance to corrosion makes them ideal for marine and offshore applications and they are resilient against wear and damage – unlike vane type motors. They also need no lubrication and are totally maintenance free. Jetstream air starters are available in two different sizes and three different pressure ratings.

Jetstream 4 & 5 Pre-Engaged starter motor

Jetstream 4 Inertia starter motor