Hydraulic Starting Systems


IPU Hydraulic Start Systems provide guaranteed reliability, no matter how challenging or unpredictable the environment. This truly independent start method can be specified as the only starting system or as a back up to electric or air starting, offering an unbeatable level of efficiency in sub-zero temperatures and hazardous settings, including areas with ATEX requirements. Manufactured from cast iron, hydraulic starter motors combine quick acceleration with high torque output, for guaranteed starting in extreme temperatures, after long shut down periods, damp and hostile conditions and can be supplied with Beryllium Copper pinions eliminating potential sparks.
Hydraulic Starting Systems come with a hand pump for manual charging and foot start valve as standard. Systems can be equipped with electric motor and/or engine driven recharge pumps and solenoid valves for remote or auto start options.
If you are looking for technical information, please download our brochure which provides:
How hydraulic starting works:
  • Typical hydraulic starting applications.
  • Product performance curves.
  • Product selection reference guide.
  • Product installation.

M22 Pre-Engaged Hydraulic Starter

M28 Pre-Engaged Hydraulic Starter